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Strane Strade del 18 marzo 2012

Puntata 22 season2

18 Marzo 2012

Herbie Hancock "Stars in your eyes" (Columbia Rec)
Sylvia Striplin "Toy box" (Uno Melodic Rec)
The Whole Darn Family "Seven minutes of funk" (Amherst Rec)
Roy Ayers "Chicago" (Uno Melodic Rec)
Rafael Cameron "Let's get it off" (SalSoul Rec)
Azymuth "In my treehouse" (FarOut Rec)
Oliver Sain "Booty bumpin'" (Sain sound Rec)
Jaymz Bedford "Just keep my boogie" (Gold mink Rec)
Buari "Advice from father" (RCA Rec)
Noid 101 "Dancin in network" (Disques du livre Rec)
Willie J.& Co. "Boogie with your baby" (Kay-Dee Rec)
Johnny Hammond "Los Conquistadores Chocolates" (East End Rec)
Enzo Avitabile "Mamma sai che" (EMI)
Level 42 "Fashion fever" (Polydor)
Sting "Jeremiah Blues part1" (A&M Records)
Pat Metheny & Dave Brubeck "Jam (long)" (Tobacco Road)
Leon Thomas "C.C. Rider" (Flying Dutchman)
lou Reed "I'm waiting for the wild man" (Zyx Music)
Led Zeppelin "No Quarter" (Swan Song)
Enzo Avitabile "Solo stanco" (EMI)



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