Soul Revolution del 15 novembre 2013

Ephemereals "Nothin is Easy" (Mondegreen, 2013)

Ospite: Nic Mondegreen

14 Novembre 2013

Radio Sherwood:
in anteprima assoluta italiana, abbiamo il piacere di presentarvi il fantastico disco d'esordio degli Ephemereals "Nothin is Easy" (Mondegreen, 2013), collettivo all-star soul-funk inglese.
Album si può scaricare gratuitamente dalla pagina Facebook della band (qui il link), mentre un'uscita in vinile, arricchita con brani inediti, è prevista per il 2014.

Da Londra, Nic Mondegreen band-leader, produttore, compositore e DJ (ed anche nostra vecchia conoscenza con gli Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers....) a guidarci.

From Nic Mondegreen, the writer/producer of Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers (Sony) and Keke Mokoro comes the latest soul sensation, EPHEMERALS.
Fronted by the Franglo-American sensation Wolfgang Valbrun, Ephemerals pinpoint the classic sounds and songwriting of soul music, with an all-star backing band of handpicked musicians from Hillman’s previous projects plus Kalakuta Millionaires (Big Chill), Gene Dudley Group (Hya Mr. J!!), Bombs and Dakhla

Noteworthy, from the Facebook page of the band, you could download for free the entire album (click here)! while vinyl lovers must wait a little bit longer, the album, packed with exclusive goodies, will drop on Mondegreen Records in 2014.

Check it Out!!!!!!
p.s. L'intervista è in inglese tradotta in italiano

Soul Revolution_Intro_151-12013

Intro Tracklist

- Timo Lassy "Shootin Dice" (Schema, 2013)
- Adele Sebastian "Daydreamer" (Nimbus, 1981)
- Frootful "The Road" feat. Mazen (Freestyle, 2013)
- Donny Hathaway "Love, Love, Love" (ATCO, 1973)

 Mondegreen@SoulRevolution_pt1 [28.46 MB]

Nic Mondegreen@Soul Revolution Part 1 Tracklist

- "Brixton Girls"*
- "Things n.1"*
- "You Made Us Change"*
Estratte da/ from Ephemereals "Nothin' is Easy" (Mondegreen, 2013)

 Mondegreen@SoulRevolution_pt2 [35.41 MB]

Nic Mondegreen@Soul Revolution Part 2 Tracklist

- "Loving Guaranteed" *
- "Life is Good"*
- "Call It What You Want"*
Estratte da / from Ephemereals "Nothin' is Easy" (Mondegreen, 2013)

Ephemereals on the web

- Facebook

- Twitter


p.s. Thanks Nic for let us discover this soulful gem!!!!..we wish you all the best!!!!

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