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Budapest, 11 - 18 August 2014 - Sziget Festival - The Island of Freedom

Sherwood at Sziget 14

Collection of materials from our WebTV

4 Settembre 2014

2014 has been the year of records for Sziget Festival.
415000 dancing bodies have passed through the Island of Freedom, 85000 in one day, Thursday, August 14.
Tickets sold out weeks before the event.
A large, bizarre audience reached Budapest from 87 countries around the world.
An amazing line up with artists from 45 countries.
Just to make some names, the main stage hosted the performance of Outkast, Deadmau5, Skrillex, Queens of the Stone Age, Korn, Prodigy and Blink182.
Not mentioning the proposals from the other stages, like the A38, the World Village, or the Europe Stage, who hosted us.

Europe stage, particulary, served us a daily selection of the most interesting musical news from the continent, and many more.
The first days were very intense, hosting the performance of the winners of the YourOpen Talent Festival. Then came the turn of "our" Caparezza, Rumatera, Aucan and Diodato.
Our ears will never forget two names known at the Europe Stage: Gloria Boateng and Compact Disk Dummies. Both from Belgium. Both with a disruptive energy. Both deserving to play soon in Italy.

Besides the technical aspects, which mostly impress journalist and workers in the sector (Think, for example, at what the organization of a camp for 45000 people can mean), there are all the other aspects, such as decorations, allestiment and the side performance, which can only be tasted with skin and eyes.
The atmosphere is a unique at Sziget. Everyone is smiling, it's impossible to be angry. And at the end of the week, you will surely wish to come back the next year.

Sherwood Forest has taken roots in Budapest. With the boys from I-Want Studio, we set up in the Puglia Village a studio where we made numerous live interviews and deepened some the most interesting aspect of the Festival.
Below you can find a selection of the material shooted and edited during our week at Sziget Festival 2014.

Replay the streamings from Sherwood WebTV at Sziget 2014

13 August 2014
Guests: Ettore Folliero (Puglia Village director), Salmo and Sica

15 August 2014
Guests: Gloria Boateng e Diodato

16 August 2014
Guests: Giulio D'Angelo (Press Manager Sziget Festival) and Lela Perez (Bodypainter)

17 August 2014
Guests: I Rumatera

A selection of footage from  Sherwood WebTv

Sherwood at Sziget '14 - Streamings opening theme


Psyco Village - Intervista

Project Bongo - Intervista

Ruben Dimitri - Intervista

Tom Thaler - Intervista

Video Reports

Sziget 14 - Day1

Sziget 14 - Day1 - night

Sziget 14 - Day2 - afternoon

Sziget 14 - Day2 - night

Sziget 14 - Day3 - afternoon

Sziget 14 - Day4 - night

Sziget 14 - Day4 - afternoon

Sziget 14 - Day5

Sziget 14 - Aucan @ European stage

Sziget 14 - Caparezza @ european stage


Versione in Italiano



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