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Sherwood Tales - Puntata #18 (Syd Barrett: Prima Parte)

A cura di Francesco Ruzzarin


In questa puntata di Sherwood Tales, celebriamo una delle più importanti icone della storia del rock: Syd Barrett

Qui sotto i brani, di lato il podcast

Buddy Holly - That'll Be the Day

The Shadows - Apache

The Beatles - She Loves You

The Rolling Stones - (Get Your Kicks On) Route '66 (orig. Chuck Berry)

Pink Floyd (come T-Set) - Lucy Leave

The Mothers of Invention - Hungry Freaks, Daddy

The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows

Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive (dal film "Tonite Lets All Make Love In London")

Pink Floyd - Arnold Layne

Pink Floyd - Pow R. Toc H.

Pink Floyd - Astronomy Dominé

Pink Floyd - See Emily Play

Pink Floyd - Matilda Mother

Pink Floyd - Vegetable Man

Pink Floyd - Scream thy Last Scream (Old Woman with a Casket)

Pink Floyd - Apples and Oranges

Pink Floyd - Let There Be More Light

Pink Floyd - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

Pink Floyd - Jugband Blues

Sigla: Van der Graaf Generator - Theme One (orig. George Martin)



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