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International Dancehall Night

longside BomChilom

Sabato 11 MarzoC.S.O. PedroVia Ticino, 5 – Padova

International Dancehall Night

Foundation Sound

(From Holland)
The rightful ruler outta the Netherlands


BomChilom Sound

The Sound of Padova

Start h. 22.00

Ingresso 5 Euro

Foundation Sound

It was the year 1985 when “Head Founder Zebulon” from The Netherlands, started to run reggae soundsystem . After playing for 8 years he paused for a while and started recording his tunes, “Manners” & “Change Yuh Ways” ! In 2000 Zebulon made his come back with his Re-named Soundsystem Foundation Sound. Together with soundmembers Gusto, Montana, Norman B & Junior Gun, they form a very solid team. Foundation Sound has played at several places, national & international, alongside many different bands & soundsystems. In 2006 they took part in an international soundclash called War Inna East in The Netherlands, where they reached the Dub fi Dub Final. In 2010 Foundation wrote soundclash history by winning two clashes in one weekend! Friday Decemeber 3rd they beat Gunz-n-Rozez (Canada) and Sensi Movement (DE) and took the "Global Shoot Out” cup. The very next day Foundation was up against Trinity (SWE) in the “Skip dem Out” clash and again took the trophy. The winning streak continued when only 2 months later Foundation again was victorious and finished first place in the first edition of the “Time to Shine” clash and the first place again in the Semi finals in September. Foundation Sound continues to expand their boarders and attempts to reach new levels at everything they do. Promoting reggae music in all it’s formats is their passion. Armed with a huge dub box, years of experience and untiring drive. Foundation Soiund is a sure shot for any reggae music event.



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