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For this edition, the camp will not be

limited to the days of the Venice

Sunsplash (27-30 August), but will be

anticipated to the opening on August 22

Cheap holidays camping in one of the most beautiful cities in the world?

Guided tours to discover "Another Venice", outside the tourist trade logic, by reservation (

Program of the Venice Sherwood Festival
August 22 to 30

August 22: Pigiamagez and The Atom Tanks
(1 € is enough)

August 23: Pierpaolo Capovilla (Obtorto Collo Tour)
(1 € is enough)

August 26: Caparezza (Museica Tour)

August 27 to 30:Venice Sunsplash

How to Book

• Reservations are not required but are recommended writing to

• Reservations must be made at least two days prior to your arrival

• Please note that the payment has to be made at the campsite reception separately from the purchase of concert ticket.

• To reserve/book your spot in the camp you must:

1) Send an email to with the subject "Reservation Camping" stating:
- On which day / s you intend to camp (indicating the day of arrival and day of departure)
- Number of tents
- Number of people
- Name and surname of people will adorn (required)

2) Within a few days you will be sent a pdf for you to print and present at the campsite reception at the time of the payment.

If within 10 days you will not receive the pdf we recommend:
A) check your junk mail
B) write us an email again informing us that you have not received the confirmation pdf
for any problems you can always refer to the e-mail to:

The prices of the campsite:

• The camp will have the following costs and will be paid separately from concerts:
1 day - € 10 (per person)
2 days - 20 € (per person)
3 days - 25 € (per person)
4 days - 30 € (per person)
5 days - € 40 (per person)
6 days - € 45 (per person)
7 days - 50 € (per person)
8 days - 55 € (per person)
9 days - 60 € (per person)

From this year the Venice Sherwood Festival, which takes place in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice, in the frame of one of the largest parks in Europe (and one of the most significant  design of urban renewal and environmental remediation in Italy ), will offer 'the opportunity to camp - at convenient prices compared to the average of the area and at a very low cost - in a surrounding area of the festival, August froim 22 to 31.
Take note that the San Giuliano Park in Mestre is located a few kilometers from the international airport and close to the cities of Venice and Treviso.

It will also be possible to join guided tours by appointment to learn about "the Other Venice": organized tours that allow participants to appreciate the city even from further perspectives , outside the tourist trade logic.
All the information abou the Venice Sherwood Festival camping  and to book guided tours:

More details on



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